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Author Topic: One macro - 3 sensors  (Read 5060 times)

jeff h

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One macro - 3 sensors
« on: February 23, 2005, 01:43:39 PM »

Ok, this is a continuation of my earlier
question.  Still not quite what I want.

I have 3 motion sensors for now.  C1,3,5.

I have a macro called M1 (on/off) that turns
on/off all exterior lights (L1,2,3).

I created a Macro called C1 (+3,5) that
calls M1 (M1 on, delay, then M1 off).  Since
you can't seem to call it directly, I
created a fake appliance module called M1.
That let me drop M1 into the C1 macro.

When I look at the activity log, it all
looks good.

Something like

But, alas, No actual light activity.

The lights work fine with the PalmPad either
directly (L1,2,3) or with the Macro (M1).

But, nothing when called from C1.

I thought maybe colissions - so I added 1
second delays all over the place.  Still

Oh, for now, I just have the C1,3,5 macros
doing the lights directly.  But, I have the
same exact steps in three separate places -
and as a Programmer, I try not to do stuff
like that.


Jeff H


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Re: One macro - 3 sensors
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2005, 04:54:46 PM »

Hello Jeff H,
Looks to me like you "always" want to turn
L1,2 and 3 ON with motion from "either" C1, 3
or 5.  If that is the case, set each motion
det to the same address , all lights (L1,2,3)
to the same address, mark AHP to allow
mulitple modules can use same address, Fix
ONE macro called from trigger C1 and in that
one macro:
IF Flag (nbr) OFF
Set Flag (nbr)
Turn on L1, L2, L3
Do Delay
Turn OFF L1, L2, L3
Clear Flag (nbr)
End Macro

OR (better option)
you can have the sensor send the ON and do
the DELAY and the OFF which will eliminate
the macro and still give you L1,2 or 3 ON
when motion sensed , built in delay and you
won't have to count on macros to do the job...

I like the last option better... but you will
always have 3 lights on and loose independent
The flags, if they actually work, should
prevent looping.  I had to remove multiple
transceived codes from my set up to include
ONLY the one house code I was using for RF
Sounds like fun to me !

jeff h

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Re: One macro - 3 sensors
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2005, 11:21:04 AM »


I had thought of using one address for all
the sensors.  Bu, I loose a couple of
things.  First, I can't turn on the closest
light first.  With 1 second delays and
several lights, the last light in the chain
takes a while.  Secondly, I'm probably going
to add cameras one day.  I can't turn that
camera on if they are on the same address.

I haven't started using flag yet - so I do
need to give that a try.

One thing I do wonder about.  If I have a
sensor/light combo - with a light that stays
on for 10 minutes.  If I use flags (or even
not), if motion stays in the area for > 10
minutes - is the light going to go off then
back on.

What I really would like is for the delay to
be 10 minutes after the *last* motion
senses.  In that case - I probably need to
use the MS OFF instead of just counting on

So much to learn!

Jeff H.  
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