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Author Topic: More on flags  (Read 6303 times)


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More on flags
« on: March 25, 2005, 02:35:42 PM »

For those of you having flag setting problems
you may just have a bum unit  ...I had 2 of
them before I received my latest unit and now
routines I wrote months ago and couldn't get
working work just fine.
Now that they are working here's an FYI  I'm
not sure if this works as inteneded but it
works this way on mine. I run a macro with a
flag as a condition. Near the end of the same
macro I reset the flag   ...but I also had a
dummy switch I turned off and it wouldn't
until I put it before the flag off. In other
words the macro needs the flag to start and
to continue running. turning the flag off
early seems to also turn off the macro.
If anyone else can confirm this it could be
added to a how flags work list.
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