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Author Topic: ActiveHome Pro update v3.170 available  (Read 7245 times)

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ActiveHome Pro update v3.170 available
« on: November 29, 2004, 10:00:07 PM »

A fairly big update today, with some
important fixes and changes.

- Added "Merge" to file menu, allowing
merging contents of another file into the
current file.

- Timers for conditional macros now check
conditions when executing.

- Improved Activity Monitor so that it
consistently displays commands as they are
sent and received.

- Added area to keep notes on modules.

- Added individual history display to modules.

- Added preferences to hide/show display of
icons for the notes and module history.

- Changed Activity Monitor to display items
run from interface memory as "Transmit" not

- Fixed a couple typos in Preferences.

- Fixed a problem encoding logic for certain
time range macro condition combinations.

- Fixed a conflict that resulted in ATI
Remote Wonder software crashing.

- Fixed flag data display in interface
Status report so that they match flag usage
in conditional macros.

- Changed display of colors in module title
bars to be more consistent.

- Added an option to display module title
bar colors according to room color or by
module type.

- Drag and drop of module location changed
to not work in All Rooms view, preventing
some room identification problems.

- Removed text referring to Dusk/Dawn
offsets from the Smart Macros Conditional Wizard.

- Changed group pane so that dragging a
timer or macro from the pane to a room no
longer is allowed (preventing a crash).

- Fixed a problem in the Condition Wizard
that caused "Between" ending times not to be
saved correctly.

- Fixed Flag setting check boxes in Smart
Macros not always saving correctly.

You can download the update installer
directly from here:
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