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Author Topic: Additional activity monitor information  (Read 9192 times)

tim hunt

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Additional activity monitor information
« on: November 30, 2004, 08:44:36 AM »

It would be extremely useful if the activity
monitor indicated which macro(s) were fired
as a result of receiving an X10 command.

Similarly, the activity monitor should
indicate when commands are transmitted as the
result of a macro or timer, or user action.
(I realize this may be difficult for
downloaded macros, but it should be easy when
the macro is run on the computer.)

Finally, it would be extremely useful if
there was an option to log the same
information to a disk file in real time.

X10 Pro

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Re: Additional activity monitor information
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2004, 12:38:23 PM »

I was just suggesting something like this
yesterday. We'll work some more information
details information for macros into Activity
Monitor soon. We already log data to a file,
but not in a format that you can use. Maybe
we can make a utility to translate to
something else.
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