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Author Topic: ActiveHome Pro update v3.172 available  (Read 6142 times)

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ActiveHome Pro update v3.172 available
« on: December 03, 2004, 07:16:57 PM »

Some changes today that should fix some
of the things that haven't been as stable as
they were since 3.170:

- Fixed a problem (created in v3.170) with
encoding some timers, resulting in them not
always working.

- The CTRL + A keyboard shortcut for opening
All Rooms view now works from the Macro
Designer too.

- Fixed a problem where importing an
original ActiveHome file with motion sensors
showed them as blank modules.

- Fixed a window redraw problem that could
result in AHP crashing in some situations.

- Fixed incorrect display in Activity
Monitor of some macros run from interface memory.

Download the update directly from:
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