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Author Topic: CM15A fix  (Read 5013 times)


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CM15A fix
« on: January 23, 2005, 09:57:56 PM »

I, too had problems with not one, but two
CM15A units.  After downloading to it and
then disconnecting it and moving it to a more
central location.  After a period of time
(anywhere from 2 hours to 12 hours) it would
simply stop receiving or sending commands.

I could fix it for a while by re-downloading,
but that was a pain.

So, here's what I did (until X10 finally
decided to deliver a working product that has
actually been tested, or waits until the
consumers test the units for them):

Hook up the unit to the computer.
Erase any TIMERS that you have in AHP.  DON'T
USE TIMERS!  They just screw everything up!

Save the AHP configuation to disk

Clear the memory of the module.

Download the AHP setup to the module.

If using XP, look in the System Tray (on the
lower right of the screen next to the clock
display)  FInd the icon that shows devices
that can be removed and double-click to open
a box.  It should refer to a USB device.
Select it and click the stop button.

The last step seems to be very critical to
continued operation of the unit!

Now, after it tells you it's safe to do so,
disconnect the unit.

Plug it in to the wall and see if it works
(make sure to have fresh batteries).

Mine has been working for some time now with
no problems.

Another fix to increase the range is to get a
TM751 Transciever and plug it in somewhere
in the house that's centrally located.
Extend the antenna.  It will act as a
repeater of sorts and transmit the signals
from the remote.  When I did this, my range
increased dramatically.  The only downside is
that it will always click on and off when you
select #1, but so what?  It won't click when
you use macros from the CM15A.

I haven't gone back to using timers yet.  I
thought I'd let the CM15A go for a week or
two and then, if it survives that long, I'll
add one timer and try it out and see if it
continues to work.

So far, though, it appears that timers may
mess it up, and that improper disconnection
from the USB port causes real problems.


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Re: CM15A fix
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2005, 07:37:41 PM »

Interesting,  this is what my CM15A did out
of the box... I have about 20 devices.. 3 or
4 eagle eyes doing lights on and off based on
motion, rear deck motion detector watching a
pool area and different chimes so I know
where motion was detected after dark.  I run
a couple of timers, however, none cross
midnight.  I have had my unit unplugged from
the PC for approx 3 weeks and everything runs
flawlessly.  I set up with AHP 3.175,
downloaded to it, unplugged it from the PC
and then the wall and moved it to a central
location in a utility room.    Go figure...
however, I do believe the running reports of
macro problems... hummmm... I will watch mine
closely... regards,  Steve
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