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Author Topic: driver is not installed, USB WIN98, for CM15A  (Read 2730 times)


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driver is not installed, USB WIN98, for CM15A
« on: May 21, 2005, 01:01:52 PM »

Have been trying unsuccessfully to use my
newly purchased CM15A and Active Home Pro.
Have installed and registered software
sucessfully but can not talk to the CM15A
thru my USB ports. Tried manual installation
of driver per back of AHP manual but running
into issue where it is asking me to insert
the disc labeled "USB RF Wireless Remote
Receiver Installation Disc". Since I
downloaded this software from a link in my
email there are no discs ? I have tried tech
support but they had little to offer. XPRO
you out there ? Any computer techies able to
give me any insight ?? Can someone email me
the driver for WIN98 for the USB for CM15A
or is that not possible ? Would appreciate
any help offered. Thanks !
fyi.... all my modules are working fine
manually with remotes and the TM751
transceiver.... would love to add some
Macros and have purchased SmartMacro as well.


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Re: driver is not installed, USB WIN98, for CM15A
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2005, 03:38:53 PM »

Problem resolved. No thanks to X10 tech
support who offerred less than
nothing....actually misleading information.
Thank you to users on this forum. After
reading thread by GEORGE currently on page 6
of this category, 3/28/05 and specific
detail by tuicemen....... here is what I did
to resolve the problem - actually two
problems I believe. First I deleted the USB
driver as it was apparently pointing to the
wrong file. under Computer (right click)
properties/device manager/ Universal Serial
Bus Controllers /delete the USB driver for
the USB Active Home (or unknown device)
Second - Power down PC. Third - Unplug CM15A
Forth- remove battery. Fifth - replace
battery Sixth - plug CM15A back into wall
and into USB port. Seventh - repower PC.
Should boot up and recognize USB device and
begin install for driver. At this point I
needed to manually browse to the right path
for the driver C:\program files\common
files\X10\driver install\ wireless
transciever\ x10ufirx.inf
this pointed to the right driver but doesn't
yet install..... after clicking next I then
got the message insert the disk labeled "USB
RF wireless remote receiver installation
disc" which of course I/you do not
have...... browse to same location
C:\program files\common files\X10\Driver
INstall\Wireless Transciever\ pick
X10UFIRX.CAT ...... driver now installed
sucessfully and communications now works
with CM15A........ yippee !!! on to new
problems......... good luck on your techno
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