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Author Topic: XRAY Remote Will Not Work - Plz HELP  (Read 4628 times)


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XRAY Remote Will Not Work - Plz HELP
« on: June 24, 2005, 07:50:36 PM »

I have XRAY Server set up at home.  It is set
to upload a set of pictures ever 10 minutes
to X10's "Online Imagebase"

It seems to be working I watch,
every 10 min it uploads the pics. A window
pops up that shows the up load progress and
closes when the upload is done.

However, no matter what computer I install
XPAY remote on (no firewalls, routers, or
anything) when it is just returns
an message that says

"There is no pictures on the x10 server"

For the login information, I use the same 10
digit installation key and password that
appear in the XPAY Server program.

ALSO.....I noticed that if I use the same
10-digit key but a wrong password (as a
test), I get the same above message.

I know the server is uploading
pictures....but why can't I access them?
This is driving me Crazy.

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