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Author Topic: How far will I see with Nightwatch2 wired  (Read 2893 times)


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How far will I see with Nightwatch2 wired
« on: August 03, 2005, 12:04:57 AM »

Hi all,

I am considering a single, wired camera,
possibly the NightWatch2 Wired Low-Light B/W
Video Camera.

The camera  will be used to monitor a garbage
area in a condo unit.

The lens-to-garbage area is approximately
75.   The Camera will be mounted
approximately 100 from the monitoring room.

Three questions:

Will I be able to make out figures at a 75
distance?  (We are looking to identify those
who are messing up the area, and those who
might be depositing unauthorized garbage.)

What kind of cable is used for these wired
cameras, particularly the Nightwatch2 or the
Anaconda Outdoor?

Does X10 offer extension cables to extend
greater than 60?

Thank you.


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Re: How far will I see with Nightwatch2 wired
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2005, 08:06:09 AM »

Low light cams are useless in the dark and
also the IR cams are not much better. The
cam will not see 75'. I would suggest the
wireless floodlight cam. It has to be
within 30' feet but when the floods come on
they will be gone. The lights will help cam
catch whoever is causing the problems.
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