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Author Topic: Wired Cameras  (Read 4742 times)


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Wired Cameras
« on: December 17, 2005, 05:00:08 PM »

I previously had a wireless camera setup
using MultiView, and everything worked just
fine. I had to disassemble all of my X10
stuff (cams, automation) in order to do some
extensive home remodeling. Since the remodel,
I have installed Linksys Wi-Fi, but the cams
have not yet been hooked back up. I have just
recently purchased AHP with iWitness and
MyHouse software.

I have been reading the boards and see that
some people have been having problems with
wireless cameras and WiFi. Since my cameras
are not yet setup, I don't know if I will be
having these types of problems with my WiFi.
I was wondering, if I do have these types of
problems and cannot get them corrected my
switching channels on the cams and/or WiFi,
would it be possible to get Anaconda wired
cams and use them in my system, all the while
still being able to use iWitness and MyHouse?
Obviously, I would need a different type of
receiver by the PC for the wired cams to
connect to, and then going from this receiver
into the PC. But I was just wondering if
iWitness and MyHouse were specifically for
use with the wireless cams only.
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