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Author Topic: Daytime Monitoring & Zones  (Read 16851 times)


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Daytime Monitoring & Zones
« on: May 13, 2004, 01:06:48 AM »

Two questions:

1. Can I set different zones and have some
be armed and some not?  For example, we're
in the backyard pool at night.  I want to
arm the front of the house but not the
patio door.

2. I work at home.  I would like to have
the system not armed for alarm but beep if
a door or window is opened.  Can I do that?


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Re: Daytime Monitoring & Zones
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2004, 06:42:05 PM »

1. you can arm with the patio door open and
press bypass on the main console. All
other sensors will be armed except the
patio door.

1. In run 2 mode the console shall beep if
any door/window is opened.

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Re: Daytime Monitoring & Zones
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2004, 04:55:17 PM »

Keep in mind the Bypass function is only
good for 90 minutes maximum. If the bypassed
zone remains open longer, it will likely
trigger a false alarm.
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