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Author Topic: Security light not functioning  (Read 2639 times)


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Security light not functioning
« on: September 18, 2005, 06:42:06 PM »

Just recently, due to my negligence, I ignored the battery
low indicator on my console.  Murphy's law rules, and we
had a power failure, so I lost all my sensors' programing.
After I re-configured all the sensors, all sensors work
well, except the Security Light failed to function, when I
tested the system out.  It worked before and it works fine
when I turn it on and off via the wall switch ( which is set
for the unit code on the console).
Any opinions or answer?


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Re: Security light not functioning
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2005, 09:21:09 PM »

I am thinking maybe the "wall switch" you
are talking about must be like a ws12 or
ws467 (x10 controllable switch).

Being able to turn the switch on/off
manually in itself is not an indication of
much unfortunately.

The PLC comes directly out of the console,
through the wiring and to the switch. So
the only real answers are:
1) The House/Unit codes are not set
2) Something is stopping the signal from
the console to the switch.
3) The console/switch are broken.

If you have moved the console or plugged it
in differently start by moving it back
temporarily and test with the remote.

If you have another X10 remote and
transceiver try turning on/off the light
with that (test if the switch still works).
If the switch still works then it must be
the console that is the issue.

The loss of power could easily have damaged
your console, the switch or damaged some
other device that is now putting off
interference. Try the console in another
location, use other x10 devices to prove
the console/switch still work. For example
the kit should have come with a lamp module
or appliance module, plug that in to a lamp
and test the console against that...if it
doesnt work logic says the console isnt
sending a signal, if it does work then the
switch isnt working.

If you dont have any of that stuff you are
going to have to guess and start replacing
one then the other till you get it.
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