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Author Topic: after full dim, lamp module doesnt work  (Read 10325 times)

a moorman

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after full dim, lamp module doesnt work
« on: November 27, 2005, 12:04:34 PM »

I had all 4 of my lamp modules all set to
the same code (B2). They have been working
for over a month now no problem. Then I hit
the dim on them a few times, they ended up
diming until they were completely off. And
that was the last response I got out of any
of them. I cant get them to turn on now (not
even at different codes, different outlets)
They all seem to be in some weird mode where
they dont accept incoming signals. After
unpluging the one, I have it so it now is
just a pass though for the electricity (the
lamp is always on), but it wont respond to
any off commands. Is there any way to reset
the chip inside the lamp modules? ... Unless
the transmitter (B1 module) can somehow get
messed up. Either way, I'm looking to
somehow these modules to the manufacture
default. Any suggestions?

dave w

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Re: after full dim, lamp module doesnt work
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2005, 12:46:19 PM »

Lamp modules do not have any progrmmable
memory. There is nothing to reset.
If the lamp is dimmed all the way to zero,
it will not respond to an ON command since
it is still on. It should respond to a BRITE
command, as well as an OFF command (followed
by an ON).
Could your controller DIM button be stuck?
That would explain the sudden complet
dimming of the modules with no further
response (because the stuck controller is
flooding the line with never ending
commands). Unplug the controller you were
using and try another.

One other point. Could your controller DIM
button be stuck? That might ex[lain
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