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Author Topic: Range Info CM15A  (Read 6876 times)


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Range Info CM15A
« on: December 06, 2005, 05:42:12 AM »

Technically, you shouldnt need a phase
couple or 2 controllers if X10 worked as
advertised. one posible cause it doesnt
jump or make it to a far off module is due
to the limitted range or voltage produced
by the CM15A.  NOW...  the CM15A has some
interesting  problems that are done on
purpose.  It has been found that the CM15A
has an  output voltage of only 1.7V, CM11A
has  2.4v - 4.5v as with a repeater aprox.
3.3v -  5v.  A lower voltage will not make
the distance  if theres any Interference.
(TV, Stereo,  PC, some lights not
filtered)  Not as much of a problem if
everything is filtered  in a brand new home
with clean power.  I cant say how to turn
it up, but its what is needed to get
maximum performance.
X10 is not going to turn it up or it would
void the need for other products they push
to sell you.  Also, you can make or buy a
1/4wave gnd  plane antenna and boost the RF
side of the  unit as well.  The specs of
the CM15A shows a 240mm  antenna. Measure
that plastic thing....  the rest of the
antenna is inside :)  Not going into detail
but there is info  about a 1/4wave antenna
on sites.
ADD - the cucuit boards also acts as part
of the antenna (the Ground plane) having
the antenna Parallel to the board shields
the antenna (absorbing the RF signal), so
you should / could get better  performance
if you set the original antenna  horizontal
from the wall. like...
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