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Author Topic: WishList of Enhancements for AHP  (Read 5034 times)


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WishList of Enhancements for AHP
« on: November 05, 2004, 04:34:33 PM »

AHP Wish List ...

1. Ability to print labels for remote
controllers ie:
Palmpad(HR12a), Security Palmpad(SH624),
SlimLine(SS13a), etc.

2. I have a home network and multiple
computers in different rooms.
I want be able to access the CM15A via
my network.

X10 - We have a network/Internet plug-in
planned that will do control over a home
network or the Internet in a couple
different ways.
It should do what's desired here.

3. Keyboard HotKeys, ie:
Like ‘ctrl G for Group Pane’ and
‘ctrl M for Macros’.
-  Activity Monitor
-  Room Views
-  Etc.

4. New Macro or macro function that
will a allow trigger(s) for a given
House Code like ‘ALL LIGHTS ON/OFF’
Integration with DS7000 security systems
to FLASH lights on other house codes
when alarm is tripped.
*  I think the DS7000 uses the ALL LIGHTS
ON/OFF command to do this.

5. Tile rooms on screen.

6. Ability to change the size of modules
and move modules in a room or the
ALL Room View.

7. More room colors, use Windows color

8. Integration with DS7000 security system

9. Activity Monitor to log ALL events for
configured house codes.

10. CM15 ability to monitor
‘ALL configured’ house codes.

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