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Author Topic: Multiple Door Monitoring with MyGarage Mobile  (Read 5624 times)


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Multiple Door Monitoring with MyGarage Mobile
« on: December 03, 2010, 12:44:18 PM »

Currently, My Garage Mobile has the ability to monitor ONE garage door sensor.  I have tried to get around this (see my other post) -  As you can see, I am stuck on this...

I think that like the iWatchMobile where you can select different cameras, a similar menu slider or dropdown to select which door you want to check status of and control would be awesome.  Then in AHP when setting up a garage door, an "add door" button to set up additional doors.

Let me know what you think AHP DEV.


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Re: Multiple Door Monitoring with MyGarage Mobile
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2010, 02:49:53 PM »

+100 on this - I was told in my online chat that in fact this was supported out of the box.  I was told (and I can't find the first chat session) that it would work, and when I asked after I could not get it to work, this is what they told me:

homepagequestion 9:23:06 )I have a question - how do you set up MyGarage for my other garage door?
Referring Page:
( HomePageQuestion 9:23:43 )and what is the Pro version?
( Aneatra. 9:28:21 ) Hello, Thank you for contacting where the price has JUST dropped on the World's Best LCD Remote! Click here to check it out! - May I have your phone number so that I can contact you in case we get disconnected?
( HomePageQuestion 9:28:36 )sorry, not near one at the moment
( Aneatra. 9:29:45 ) you will use the same hardware pieces but the same software
( HomePageQuestion 9:30:17 )??
( HomePageQuestion 9:31:07 )and if I add another DS10a, I can use the software to control two different grages independandtly?
( Aneatra. 9:36:33 ) yes, they would need to be on different unit numbers
( HomePageQuestion 9:37:09 )so how does the app on th phone know the difference?
( Aneatra. 9:40:30 ) your just logging in remotely using your phone
( Aneatra. 9:41:13 ) so its like you being in front of the computer but instead your using your phone
( Aneatra. 9:46:02 ) is there anything else i can help you with

The person I spoke to didn't even know that the DS10A's don't have unit numbers - they are security devices  B:( B:( B:(

Oh well...

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