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Author Topic: My AHP Wish List  (Read 4796 times)

Mr. Automation

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My AHP Wish List
« on: November 09, 2004, 09:20:26 AM »

Video Surveillance Integration XCAM

I would like to see your surveillance
software integrated into AHP. Something I
can use to monitor/record XCAM activity.

Conditionals (IF/THEN)

I know countless people have requested this,
I’m just putting in my vote. This would
dynamically expand AHP’s capabilities on so
many levels.

Audio Event Association

The ability to assign WAV audio files to
various events (motion sensors, virtual
chime modules, macros, etc.)

Web Interface

Accessing AHP via the web is very important.
This would give users the ability to
remotely control any X10 device without
having to run a remote access application
like (PC Anywhere, Remote Desktop, etc.)

Label Printing

The simple ability to print labels fro the
various X10 control and remote devices.

SwitchLinc and LampLinc Support

Since X10 doesn’t offer a two-way “true”
rocker light switch, this is a must as well.


I know this is “coming soon” but this will
be a huge step in the right direction for
AHP. Giving the user community the ability
to develop Plugin’s will make AHP infinitely
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