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Author Topic: Motion Sensors  (Read 13044 times)


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Motion Sensors
« on: December 07, 2005, 10:51:03 AM »

Are the motion sensors "pet
sensitive"...and what if a ceiling fan is
on in a room or area that a motion sensor
is on.....will the sensors allow for pets
or fans without going setting an alarm?
Also, is there a direct link to ORCA that I
can sign up as a dealer so I can offer
both "self monitoring" or "cemtral station
monitoring" to my customers....Thank YOu

Kelly Parke | Program Manager

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Re: Motion Sensors
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2005, 01:37:24 PM »


Thanks for your interest in X10!

From our talented tech team: we recommend
that if you have pets, mount your motion
sensors upside down at a height of roughly 3
feet.  The detection plane of the sensor
goes out in a straight line from the top of
the motion sensor and down at a 45 degree
angle from the bottom of the sensor.
Mounted at 3 feet upside down the sensor
will not be able to pick up pets shorter
than 3 feet.  Also, we have not received any
reports of ceiling fans causing our motion
sensor to falsely detect motion.

Regarding ORCA: if you are an X10
Contractor, please go to and click on
the ORCA link for B2B service agreements.

Kelly Parke
X10 Contractor Program Manager

rich salerno

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Re: Motion Sensors
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2005, 08:36:14 PM »

I'm looking for a moti0n detector to trip
and run a exhaust 110 fan a regular motion
(light ) detector wont work cause of load
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