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Author Topic: Interactive Website For Demo  (Read 9770 times)

myles - new contrctor in building-

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Interactive Website For Demo
« on: February 08, 2006, 11:10:15 PM »

A great way to display all x10 products
would be for the x10 team to pull together
and build an interactive cyber home that
displays everything we sell... that way
(once done) it will be the most inexpencive
solution to deminstration. The website
could be majorly profitable not only for
x10, but also all the contractors... one
thing that must happen though is x10 will
have to contain themselves and not
advertise "deals" or items on the
interactive website so the contractors can
use it freely to resell x10 items...
another idea would be for x10 to make two
identical virtual sites. one for x10, and
one for x10 contractors. The one for x10
can be a site demo for the public and the
one for the contractors will have a
password login to access the other virtual
interactive home with the customers... the
contractor virtual home will be 100% add
free and for the sole purpose of
deminstrating the system in full.

Kelly Parke

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Re: Interactive Website For Demo
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