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Author Topic: How to save a VB program in CM15A  (Read 8799 times)


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How to save a VB program in CM15A
« on: December 21, 2005, 01:26:08 AM »

Does anyone know if it is possible to save
a Visual Basic program in CM15A?


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Re: How to save a VB program in CM15A
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2006, 11:48:05 PM »

I'm pretty sure the SDK, as it stands today,
won't do that trick. But, boy if anyone at AH
is listening (apparently not that likely
according to the moans and groans on this
message board), it would sure be nice to add
that capability. I saw some joking about
creating the next ActiveHomePro...but I don't
think its a joke at all. This is some very
cool hardware technology and an experienced
.NET programmer (like me) could really make
this stuff sit up and bark. I have the AHP
package and I've used it to setup my
sprinklers on a weekly cycle. It worked okay
but, for my taste, it is way too cute. (In
fact this is my main complaint so far with
all the X10 web site stuff -- just waaay to
cute. If you want to slick up your image,
X10, so you don't look like a vendor of fun
toys, get a professional web designer to
build a really professional site.

Anyway, the point I was making is this: if
you give the programmers out there the tools
to talk to your hardware, I bet you'll see
some very slick applications written to give
the user easy control over the boxes.
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