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Author Topic: reconnect time? server disconnect 3 per day reconnect?  (Read 10329 times)


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reconnect time? server disconnect 3 per day reconnect?
« on: April 03, 2006, 03:22:40 PM »

ok.. after hours of getting it to work within the ports and testing at home with remote laptop  it finnally works'

then go out of town.. tried to log on and cant.. says waiting for ...

send the mother in law to house and have her rebot the program and connect.  status says waiting for remote user..

hours later get back from the beach and same problem

calll x10 and after waintinf the usual  45 min.  tech says neeed to set up macro to have home pc reconnect to x10 server as they rebot the servers three times per day. 

send  me email on how to do this..  i set up macro... now at the office and guess what... same problem?

can someone tell me if they had or have the same problem.. i am aobut to send back this package of cameras ect.

note when testing it right away after connecting on the home pc there is no problem and no long wait time. 

on side note as of last week was it shipping with the updated version.  ??


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Re: reconnect time? server disconnect 3 per day reconnect?
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2006, 04:15:43 PM »

chicago: As I posted in response to another message of yours, you don't need the macro to start your connection.

First off, have you updated your main AHP system to version 3.203? If not, your AHP system and client won't be communicating to each other correctly, since we changed what ports are used for communication in 3.203. If you can't update your main AHP system yet, you can run this configuration program on your client to force them to communicate on the same ports:

If you run that you can select to have your client communicate with an older version AHP system.
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