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Author Topic: DSC ALARM SYS. ESCORTmodule 5580TC Will not work W/X-10PSC-04 Cont.  (Read 13230 times)


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I am a Security Consultant and Installer of Digital Security Controls (ALARMS). I am rebuilding and added (1) one DSC ESCORT 5580TC (X-10 compatable) module version 2.11 t a brand new DSC POWER 832 Alarm system. Per the companies instruction book I had a choice of using 1 of 2 X-10 CONTROLLERS, either the PSC-04 or the PL-513 and I choice the PSC-04. I plugged the unit into its own power source, plugged in what appears to be a phone cable that came with it into the DSC Escort 5580TC Alarm module, and as per ALL the instructions, the little RED LIGHT came on as it should have.I then programed the DSC ESCORT module as I have in the past, (These 2 items are both BRAND NEW), and every thing worked great EXCEPT for the X-10 Automation part of the unit. I did a normal test of the system, tried to get the X-10 units to work and NONE of them DID. AS I invoked the Automation side, I could and did see the little RED LIGHT on the PSC-04 go OFF for a second or two as if it was sending out its signal/programing, but nothing worked at all. I reset the ESCORT module and again reprogrammed it using the special CODE NUMBERS included by DSC. EXAMPLE: 000=A1, 004=A5, 240=P1 and etc as it went. Again I Retested the system, but instead of a 003 (second delay) I set that to 005 seconds , and again it failed to work, so I reset it to 001 seconds (requires a 3 digit number) and it still failed. I then set off the alarm as if there was a Fire in the house and my X-10 PSC-01 Power Flash interface also connected to the ALARMS PGM port worked great, and ALL LIGHTS that should have flashed did and reset it self. The Escort is designed to be a total automation part, works with the phone system so it can be turned on from any other phone, and it works, it Id's if there is an Alarm, again it works, every thing it should do it does except turn my programed lights on as if on vacation, or coming home from work a night. I have re-ordered the X-10 PL-513 tonight so I have some thing to test the PSC-04. I have used both these items in other DSC alarms, and as I do my customers love it. So now I will get to the point, what the hell is going on and have you had this problem before, and a cure fore it. I am at my wits end. PLEASE HELP> Thank you Brian Goodloff owner R&B Security Consultant. or 402-305-9904, this has cost me money out of my pocket, and I have a customer wanting to see it work so he and his wife can decide if they want the X-10 in there new home as part of there system. I now have to try to tell them its a very small tech problem and hope I do not louse them now.So if you have any ideas please advise, also I tried it on a newer unit Power 864 and another Escort part and I still have the same problem, as I said I am at wits end, have tried every thing. Again thank you for your help if you can.
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