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Author Topic: What to get ?  (Read 6423 times)


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What to get ?
« on: June 30, 2006, 02:54:41 AM »

Hello fellow reseller or contractor !

Wow, there is a lot of products, bundle and special here !

After 2 hours of surfing, well, i know a lot about the products, but what to get is a other matter  :o

I like to get a bundle or two or ??? with the following:
- activehome pro with some control (lamp, electrical)
- Smart macro
- iwitness with 1 pan/tilt camera and 1 low light camera
- myhouse web control

SO, what do you suggest ? there is a lot of bundle that overlap, should i look in special deal, or is the contractor deal are the deal ?

I must not be the first one to ask that but i didn't find any feeds about that

Thanks a lot guys !

Oh yeah !! i was reading some of the post, i had the feeling that there is a lot of preblem with X10 products, software and support. Am i getting into a mess ?

steven r

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Re: What to get ?
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2006, 11:56:18 AM »

...After 2 hours of surfing, well, i know a lot about the products, but what to get is a other matter...
It looks like you've figured out that the hardest part about shopping online with X10 is weeding through the sites. With annoying pop ups and confusing ads it is hard to get what you really need. It's been awhile since I've been at the site. (The site spamming pop ups drive me away.)

I haven't interfaced any cameras yet so I'll let someone else comment on them. It is my goal to at least get my existing old X10 flood cams interfaced with AHP but I haven't gotten the needed cable yet. Make sure any camera deal includes a cable. They're a bit pricey and I've lost 2 eBay auctions trying to get a deal so far.

Based on your needs, I'd look for an AHP package that includes all the plugins. Seems like I saw a deal around $69 or so once but I might be wrong. You may need to look for the camera package separately.

If I get brave, maybe I'll try to find a link for you.  ;)

Yes, as with all software there are some bugs but I'm not aware of any critically crippling ones right now. Except when they're working on a new project, as they are now, X10 has been very prompt responding to bug reports and issuing software updates. Many of us here have found work arounds and ways to do things things that AHP was never expected to be able to do.

While I don't consider AHP to be a "Plug & Play" application. I've found it to be more "Play" than "Plug". (Of course as my tag line hints, Murphy and I are old friends.)

BTW... Unless you really like pop ups, use the feedback option to say no to pop ups the next time you go to the site.
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