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Author Topic: Sending commands & seeing status back--status request question  (Read 5723 times)


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I'm new to the forum, electrical field engineer, & planning to wade into the world of X10 in the very near future...  automation, mostly, and security if that goes as planned.  My FIRST question is this (more to come):

I want, for starters, a localized control over the basics--garage door, outdoor lights, family room lights, etc--and want to see status of each at the same place, on the same device, if possible.  What I was envisioning was a small switchplate or controller with buttons controlling & showing:

GARAGE: illuminated/LED when open; toggle open/closed when pressed
--open status of the door would have to be from a window sensor (one address), where command to close/open would have to be sent to a universal module (different address)--POSSIBLE?

OUTDOOR: illuminated when ANY outdoor light is on; toggle on/off when pressed
--LED display of status of ANY lights (ANY of the X number of addresses associated with the lights) get the idea, I think.  I checked the SmartHome website and found this KeypadLinc 8,, but I don't think it can be programmed to SEND an address command and DISPLAY status of a DIFFERENT address on the same button.  Is there a product out there that can do what I'm describing?

I looked around a long time before posting--lots of good info on the site, & I look forward to diving into this.
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