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Author Topic: Help Needed with IR toggle commands.  (Read 3842 times)


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Help Needed with IR toggle commands.
« on: February 07, 2007, 02:23:46 AM »

I am a low-voltage magician.  However, I am new to x10.  I am working on a clients house who currently has a few x10 devices.  Currently I am installing color touch screens, and video surveillance throughout the home.  Here is my problem.  I am wanting to make the color touch screens control the lights/pool equipment... for example if the color touch screen is on the pool then I want the customer to be able to touch the pool and the fountain comes on, or touch the pool light and the pool light comes on.  I can do this with the x10 commands that come with the IR remote.  However it is just an on command.  I would also like the customer to be able to push the same button again and have the fountain/pool light go off.

So what I need is the IR hex command for toggling a dimmer on/off.

Do the Harmony remotes offer on off toggle commands rather than the discrete on off that comes with the x10 remote? 
Also does anyone see the irony in only having available discrete codes and not having toggle commands?

Elan Via Color Touchscreens
S12 AV controller
IR543 X10 Ir Receiver
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