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Author Topic: CM15A Doesn't 'Hear' SR731  (Read 6339 times)


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CM15A Doesn't 'Hear' SR731
« on: March 21, 2007, 10:09:07 AM »

However, neither CM15A responds to RF commands from pre-existing remote controls (7-in-1 Universal, KeyChain, nor PalmPad).

Like yours, the house monitoring codes are correct. They just don't work! This is not a distance issue (1 ft)
Put the old RR501 transceiver (that it's supposed to replace!) back in and everything works again.

I don't understand this either, so can anyone shed some light here?

I have the exact same problem with trying to get my RF Smart Repeaters (SR731) working.   :'(

They work fine with my old transceivers, and work fine with my CM14A/AH2, but my new CM15A/AHP seems to completely ignore any RF signals (repeated or otherwise) from the RF Smart Repeaters, even their "test" signal ("M1 on").  And like you, this is even when I plug the RF Smart Repeaters into the same outlet as the CM15A/AHP, and therefore, they are only 1 foot apart.

What's up with the CM15A/AHP?  Even with relatively poor reception, the CM15A/AHP should be able to "see" an X10 RF signal from just a foot away!    ???

Oh, where is Michael C when you need him.
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