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Author Topic: Compact Flourescent (Energy Saver) Bulbs  (Read 133828 times)


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Re: Compact Flourescent (Energy Saver) Bulbs
« Reply #60 on: July 08, 2008, 06:23:56 AM »

Although I have enjoyed reading this thread, even looking forward to seeing a reply by either Dave or Jeff  :' on their slightly off topic debate I think this thread needs to get back on track. Gravity, God and Government is best left to science since all three have mysterious properties.  rofl (Maybe we need a special place where good debates can take place  -:). To me a good debate is when I can relate to both parties such as Dave and Jeff's here, however this is the wrong thread for it.)

Charles Sullivan

I started out with all 13 watt CFL's (60 watt equivalents) and found the quality to be poor. What watt CFL's are you using? I am slowly switching over to 23 watt CFL's (100 watt equivalents) because I find the quality to be night and day difference. At the moment all my CFL's are controlled by X10 RocketSockets and work great. All my CFL's are Phillips or GE.


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