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Author Topic: Add MSagent Characters to AHP is now freeware  (Read 2570 times)


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Add MSagent Characters to AHP is now freeware
« on: September 11, 2008, 02:03:17 PM »

Bellcraft's MASH (microsoft agent scripting helper ) is now freeware. It is easy to add custom messages to AHP. Simply download the software ( make sure you have all the core components and some characters ). Create your own customizable scripts ( very easy with this program) and save them as .exe files so active home can run them. Then in your macros use the advanced functions - run program and point it to your file. You can create mini macros for every event. Example pressing living room lights on pops up your character and tells you they are on. Simply create the macro with only the execute program portion and assign it the same H\U code. Make one to place at the end of a macro to tell you when a macro has completed. Possibilities are endless. ( getting the proper voice to work on Vista can be a little tricky as it always defaults to ANNA but it can be done)

If you really want to give your home a personality, I recently purchased the new HP touchscreen computer IQ506. It looks like a 22" LCD screen TV and doesn't take up all that much room so it can be placed in the living room. It works well with AHP and you can see your character controlling your house and use touchscreen, voice (has an array microphone), or keyboard to do it. Bill's BVC does the voice work.

However, new computers run Vista (64 bit home premium for the HP). Since there are posts going back to 2006 for a vista video driver and still nothing, with questions going unanswered, I think it is safe to say they don't plan on making one. (the work arounds didn't work for me )
Also since there has been no significant update to AHP my guess is this product will become obsolete. The posting for "My Servant" however looks very promising. I hope we can give them our support and encouragement.
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