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Author Topic: Multiview does nothing but crash!  (Read 10256 times)


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Multiview does nothing but crash!
« on: October 02, 2008, 09:33:10 AM »

How the heck do you connect an Xcam2 wireless camera to a PC??????????????????????????  No I dont want to connect it to a TV or VCR, I can get that to work, but no videos posts etc on connecting to a PC.

I have the following hardware:

VA11A USB Video Adapter -----------------> I connect to my PC once after I installed the driver. Device manager shows it is connect on XP, 98, ME etc... so that side works
VR36A Video Receiver -----------------------> I connect this to using a the supplied short male to male RCA jack to the VA11A USB Video Adapter. I then plug in power to unit.
IXX20A Xcam2 Camera------------------------> I power the camera up, and put it on the table next to my computer right beside the VR36A Video Receiver

I installed X RAY and WebView I see absolutely Nothing once the apps are launched. What am I doing wrong. When I install and launch does nothing but CRASH!!! But I see thats nothing new reading the forum.

I'd appreciate any kind of help on this.
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