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Author Topic: ds7000 earpiece & Powerflash  (Read 4250 times)


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ds7000 earpiece & Powerflash
« on: September 15, 2009, 09:52:37 PM »

Does the recording you make for the DS7000 play thru the earpiece when the DS7000 is tripped?  If so, then here's my next question.

Will a tripped DS7000 trigger a powerflash interface if I:

cut the wires from the earpiece supplied with the DS7000

plug the earpiece jack into the DS7000

and then connect the cut wires to a powerflash interface

If this is the case, I'm thinking that I could then put the DS7000 on a filter so that the lights on/off sequence is not on the powerline (blocked by the filter) and then I'll be able to control what I would like to do using Active Home Pro based on the Powerflash house/unit code trigger?

   |                                             |
   |                                             |
Filter                                         110 v
110 V
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