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Author Topic: Hello just getting started  (Read 3299 times)


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Hello just getting started
« on: June 25, 2010, 03:24:59 PM »

Hello, just getting started. I wanted to start simple but got a package deal from a friend that bought this at an estate sale unopened. Wide eye camera, reciver, digital video converter and a pc interface along with the eagle eye motion detector. Just a few questions. I want a little home servalance to start with but I plan on adding other cameras and eventualy moving to the advanced internet and pc options. Will the one reciever work with them all and is it possible to see all or more than one on the screen at one time. The eagle eye will more than likely be used on the front porch to activate an indoor light. That alone will make the wife happy. Will the eagle eye work with multiple recievers. Also any advice on positioning. I'm waiting on my 16yr old son to wake up and reset the router because as soon as I fire up the camera it goes dead but I found the site that explains the changes. Besides being better at that than I am he goes wild if I mess with it because of the gaming systems also use these settings. Thanks for any help
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