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Author Topic: the dailer does not wait for someone to pick up. before it starts talking  (Read 9083 times)


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I was trying out my new system last night
and set off the alarm  I programed the
dialer to dialer me first, however when I
answered, the message I recorded was almost
over. Has any had a similar expierence? Is
there a way I can fix it?

Phil Han

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That is very abnormal, either 1. If you are
using a cell phone to responed your carrier
may have a dely on picking up. 2.  the unit
is defective, or 3.  your message may be
too short.  Wait a second of two than start
speaking your message.  Good Luck!


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I have the same problem in that when the
alarm is triggered, my cell phone is the
first phone called, and when I answer it,
the message has already started.  I'll try a
land line and see if that corrects it.

Judas Cota

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I got the same problem, as soon as the
console dial up the last digit number it
play the mesg. without wait for someone
answer to the phone, so if i let it ring
twice, when i answer it the mesg. is almost
finished. Any good work around?


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This is the way the dialer is programmed to
work. As soon as it is activated, the
message starts.  See the instructions!

Disappointed in NY

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Looks like we all made a very expensive
mistake in purchasing the X10 systems.


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I would say that you may be disapointed but
I have not had any issue with the design. I
wouldnt say this was an expensive mistake or
even a mistake, there is a 30 day money back
policy that allows for you to experiment, I
have tried out several things that I did not
keep, by using the 30 day window.
Different strokes, over generalizing the
breadth of disappointment is a little pompus.


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playing a recorded message is almost
useless in this system, why?, becouse it
start to play it as soon as it dial up,
most of the people answer the phone on the
3rd or 4th ring (they need to walk to the
phone and get it, they will not jump and
get it at the first ring becouse they have
other things to do, not only to take care
of phone calls), at this time the message
is almost finished or finished at all, so
all that they listen is nothing!. I have
told to anyone that if they receive a call
from my phone number (they need to look at
the caller id) and hear nothing, that
should be my dialer security system and
they need to play "0" to listen in (basicly
what the message should say). Thatīs why is
useless. A good solution will be to repeat
the message in a loop until someone
press "0", i that way the will listen what
the message is.


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Heck, the solution I use is to program my
number into the 4 locations. If I don't get
it the first time then the second, third or
forth... Works for me. But the sugestion
about looping the msg a few times is a good
one. Maybe the next version can have this?

Mike F.

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I've not really had that problem except in
cases where it keeps calling me multiple
times.  The first time it rings for me, I
get the complete message.

Even if I only got a partial message
(assuming you record a long message), I'd
hear enough to know what the call was
about.  If I get any mysterious phone call,
and the caller ID is my OWN home phone #,
(and I'm not home), I'm going to know that
something is not right!

Store your own cell number 4 times... I
think you will get enough info to let you
know that the alarm has been activated.


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Yes it starts early, but it does repeat the
message again on my unit.


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  The message is repeated until the listener
pushes a key. So while annoying, this is not
a  fatal problem.

John Evans

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Have these problem been


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Re: the dailer does not wait for someone to pick up. before it starts talking
« Reply #13 on: September 02, 2004, 02:20:50 AM »

I am waiting for my system to arrive. Couldnt
you start the message with:
This is an Alarm message, please stand
by..This is an alarm message, please stand
by...Then your normal message would play now.
You could add/subtract to the first part,
until you feel maybe 3 rings were covered
before you recorded the rest of the message.
Just an idea.


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Re: the dailer does not wait for someone to pick up. before it starts talking
« Reply #14 on: September 10, 2004, 03:28:21 PM »

Mine repeats a couple times... And while it
does start before someone picks up, I
simply say "Shawns Alarm.. shawns alarm.. "
over and over, filling the message
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