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Author Topic: Repetitive trouble alarm question  (Read 25923 times)


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Re: Repetitive trouble alarm question
« Reply #30 on: May 23, 2005, 12:30:28 PM »

Just got the system 2 days ago so this
should be the very latest version.
Unfortunately I am having the same problems
as reported here.

I have followed all the tips on this site
and was kept awake last night by the
constant beeping of the system.

I am using rechargeable batteries for cost
efficiency reasons and these seem to be the
problem.  I charged the batteries last
night and installed them.  There were no
problems until about 3:00am.

The batteries are Duracell 2050mAh 1.2V
units.  The discharge profile of these
batteries is very predictable i.e. they
hold the full voltage until they are nearly
dead.  This means that even over a few
months usage on a system like X10 the
voltage loss should barely discernable. In
this case I am not sure why the trouble
alarm is triggered as the 1.2 volts are OK
for the first few hours.

I replaced the newly charged batteries with
some old Alkalines and the trouble alarm
went away (I still had to re-set the whole

I can only conclude that the Alkaline
batteries are the way to go.....but I will
have to return the unit in that case.

X10, you really need to sort this unit
out.  It is clear that the sensors are
communicating with the console (as they
trigger chimes etc), but trouble alarms are
constantly triggered.  It would help if the
battery power detector in the sensors was
more flexible and could recognize the
starting voltage of batteries used i.e.
rechargeables.  Better still, get rid of
the trouble alarm all together or at least
the beeping.

Some work to be done here.




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Re: Repetitive trouble alarm question
« Reply #31 on: June 01, 2005, 07:13:32 PM »

I have a Powerhouse PS561. I'm getting the
5 chimes an hour also, but I have no
flashing lights. I am using 14 out of 16
zones, and can't "see" what the last 6
zones are doing, since there are not LED's
for them. How can I "see" which of these
zones is giving me the problem? I've been
using the system for three months now with
no prblems. This just started. Occasionally
the LED to my garden shed flashes to let me
know that one has not reported in recently.
This D/W sensor is quite a distance away
from the base. It always eventually reports
in and takes care of itself. Can anyone
tell me how to determine which of the other
zones may be creating the problem without
resetting everything first?


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Re: Repetitive trouble alarm question
« Reply #32 on: June 02, 2005, 12:45:44 AM »

I just bought what I believe is the Radio
Shack version of the X10 Wireless Security
System. After having my house broken into on
Tuesday, I bought this alarm in hopes I
would sleep again. I just finished the
install (console + 1 motion + 3 doors + 5
windows) and set it for armed home.  15
minutes later I get a false door alarm (a
door that can't even be opened due to being
boarded shut). I unregistered the sensor and
rearmed the unit to home. 10 minutes later I
get a window alarm. Again, false alarm.
From everything I've read here, this is the
same sort of trouble you're all seeing from
your systems. Anyone else have the RS 49-
1000 specifically and have it working right?
I've ended up pulling the power and batts to
shut it up.... now let's see if I can
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