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Author Topic: General Forum Etiquette -- PLEASE READ  (Read 52209 times)

Michael M.

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General Forum Etiquette -- PLEASE READ
« on: June 18, 2007, 05:29:48 PM »

The policy here is very simple - courtesy and common sense.

This is a "Community", not the Wild West. And, like the legendary "Cheers Bar" that some of our members often refer to, if a patron becomes unruly, then s/he is either asked to leave or will be escorted out.

The forums are here for your enjoyment and as a way for you to interact with other X10 users such as yourself to share, learn and find answers. Your questions are answered by unpaid forum members (other X10 users, just like you, who, through trial-and-error and/or reading-and-learning from the efforts of others, have somewhat mastered the 'skill' of getting technology that has evolved ~30 years ago to co-exist with gadgets that appeared - and continue to appear - years and years afterwards).  So, it would be in your best interest to be polite and courteous to them if you expect them to help you.

For those of you that need something more "Black-and-White":

  • Please try to avoid berating X10 Products in public posts This technology has been around and evolved for the past 30 years, withstanding the test of time and finding its way to millions of households worldwide. Your comments are being read by an experienced array of Members from which any one would be more than happy to help you get YOUR system running with the reliability THEY have achieved. BUT, first you have to "do some homework".  Read TakeTheActive's FAQs and JeffVolp's Tutorials Series. Then, come back and we'll see where you are...  ;)

  • If you have specific issues that you feel you need to address directly with X10, please email them at [b][color=Blue][/color][/b]. Or call their 24 hour Customer Service line at 800-675-3044.  The members here are certainly more than willing to help you get your equipment working, but remember, they are volunteers and not employees of X10.

  • If you must complain about X10 Products, AFTER you've attempted to get yours working with the help of a forum member, a post that's 'balanced' (such as many of the Reviews in the various Review Forums) is recommended. If originally posted in the wrong Forum, this post may be MOVED to an appropriate Forum.

  • If you cannot find it in yourself to post nothing but a NEGATIVE RANT about X10 Products, then your post will be MOVED, not DELETED, to the General Discussion Forum by the members of the Community Forum.

  • Finally, if you berate another forum member (ANY member), you may be banned, and your post(s)  EDITED to advise everyone with a message similar to the following:

    "The previous content of this post violated the posted X10 General Forum User Etiquette policy and has been removed.
    In addition, the original poster has been banned.

If you have previously been banned, have decided to reform and would now like to re-join the "Community" as a "polite and courteous" member, please send an E-Mail explaining this in detail to mmallari at [b][color=Blue][/color][/b].

NOTICE: "All posts to the X10 Community Forums become the property of X10 and may be moved, edited, and/or deleted as seen fit by X10 or an appointed agent representing X10".

[TTA Edit: Edited format (whitespace, LINKs, colors); corrected TTA FAQ LINK; remaining content untouched.]
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--Warning!-- General Forum Etiquette -- PLEASE READ
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2008, 07:47:28 PM »

Since X10 has now appointed a non employee to do administrator stuff, abusers will be dealt with much swifter!
Spammers Are not tolerated here, want to Advertise\sell something go to e-bay!
Violators of forum rules and or the above mentioned (General Forum Etiquette) will be dealt with swiftly!
This is a fun place full of valueable info with great members!
If you want to feel like a member of the Cheers Gang it is up to you!
Everyone civil is welcome  >!

Those maintaining the forum (Expert Advisors & Community Organizers) have decided!
Obvious Spammers get banned fully first offence!
Other violators will see a 1,2,3 strike your out!

  • Strike One:  1 week ban from posting Plus post rating reset to -5
  • Strike Two: 1 month full ban Plus post rating of -10 added giving one a possible -15 rating
  • Strike Three:  full ban no returning
Note: If you have been warned for a violation or banned previously consider that a free warning (not strike 1)!
Also ignoring Community Organizers PMs about a concern with one of your posts may lead to strike one! ( the PM is a good faith gesture and isn't required)
The Community has a good set of Bouncers, please don't put them to work! ;)

Update: For banned user which choose to return to actively contributing to the community please note!
After strike 2 you will also have limited forum privileges for a probation period. (Exactly what privileges you'll lose and for how long will be decided by the COs and EAs!)

Over the past year this forum has been hit hard with spammers and spam bots.
The COs and EAs have fought hard to keep this under control!

This forum is not alone, many forums have banned together to help fight spam.
In doing so Many rather large data base have been developed.

As a Warning to anyone thinking they'll get back at X10:
Spammers will not be tolerated.
Anyone caught spamming this forum will not only be banned but their User name, Email & IPs will be added to several spam data bases used around the globe.

With this done it will prevent you from registering on any forum capable of accessing these data bases during login.
Although X10 hosts this forum, it is You the members that make it work!
Let's keep it enjoyable to visit!
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Please Read Topic:
General Forum Etiquette
Before you post!


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  • I don't work for X10, I use it successfuly!
Re: General Forum Etiquette -- PLEASE READ
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2011, 09:15:42 AM »

Additional Note:
If you have issues with x10 service Please email webmaster or
This forum is for users that are having issues with HA products and wish to try to get them working.
Although some x10 employees read this forum they will not usually respond to rants!

**The use of all uppercase (ALL CAPS) in a post is considered shouting by many forums.**
Please avoid this practice (unless you intend to indicate shouting part fo your message, or to emphasize a few words only), as other may find it offensive.
Doing so may result in your post being edited or deleted.
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Please Read Topic:
General Forum Etiquette
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