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Author Topic: AHP User Interface bugs  (Read 4475 times)


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AHP User Interface bugs
« on: December 13, 2007, 08:27:09 AM »

Using AHP to program control Christmas decorations and light has reminded me of some U/I bugs annoying.  First, are the inconsistent use of how drop down menus work (or don't).  For example, the scroll controls or the Macro Resides In and the Room drop down menus in the Macro Designer module work differently than the scroll control for the control for selecting the modules.  You can't left click and slide the scroll controller in the drop down menus but you can in the module selection area.  The scroll wheel on the mouse does not work inside any of the controls.  All scroll fields in all modules should work identically.  Second the order of presentation of the Rooms list is not sortable.  It appears to be listed in the order of entry only.  Why not sort them at least alphabetiically to make them easier to find, or better yet, let the user drag and drop them in the preferred order of presentation.  Same goes for the Modules, Macros, and Timer lists as well.  Third, double clicking on a module should have the same effect as right click | edit module.  If one double clicks just right, sometimes it does, but usually it just highlights the module and moves it up and to the left without adding any benefit to the user for the motion.  On and OFF operation of the same module is erratic.  This has been noted in other postings.  Timers and macros will turn off modules as desired, but they won't necessarily turn them on. 
As an expert user of several software packages and a former software designer and tester, the rate of support (fixes and updates for this product is appalling.  In its present state, the time I spend overcoming it quirks and foibles is is barely worth the $50 dollars I spent on it.  If X10 doesn't want to properly support the application, why not let the user sommunity support it under the open source agreement.  If that is too much, then include the source code as part of the software license and let the owners tweak it to their heart's content. 
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