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Author Topic: Which Requests would you like to see implemented first?  (Read 9186 times)


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Re: Which Requests would you like to see implemented first?
« Reply #15 on: April 13, 2018, 07:14:42 AM »

Dave, I was referring to the case where a new HUB becomes available, meaning the hardware is replaced. If the configuration is in non-volatile memory in the hub, that's great, but when the Hub is replaced, which could be for many other reasons, Restart needs to get a copy of the memory from one of the IO Devices. If the IO Devices have that already, then the Restart needs to access it and restore the configuration to the (newly replaced) HUB.

Regarding restoring the timer, I don't think it's practical for the HUB, when the AC goes back on, to cycle through all the days between stop and  start just to get to the current time (though maybe in a future version!). If there's no battery backup, then  the most practical thing to do is probably to cold start just as when one originally installed the Hub and re establish the current time from an IO device or the internet.
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